Austin Window Tint Installs Smart Tint for NASA

Texas Heat Tested. NASA Approved!

It’s not every day you get a call from NASA saying, “Austin (Window Tint), we have a problem!”

But in February 2019, that’s exactly what happened! NASA needed some of the control rooms tinted, but not with just any tint.

They needed tint that was SMART.

They wanted to be able to look out the windows, BUT if they were in a crisis or doing something requiring top secret security clearance, they also needed to be able to COMPLETELY block the views of prying eyes.

Enter SMART TINT and Austin Window Tint.

What is Smart Tint?

“Smart Tint® film applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Easily control our switchable film from clear to frosted (opaque) with the click of a button or command from your smart phone. Smart Tint® switchable privacy film is private frosted and opaque when powered off and transparent clear when powered on.”

In the end, NASA was SO happy with the results they hired Austin Window Tint to come back and tint even more of their control rooms and office rooms in Houston.

If you have a need for high security or maybe want to black out the sun for a media room with the flip of a switch or touch on your smart phone, give Austin Window Tint a call! If it’s good enough for NASA, we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Call for a free quote – 512/554-7276 or Click HERE to submit an online quote request.

Austin Window Tint installing tint for NASA

Tint switched on (except for doors)

Tint switched off!

More pics from NASA and the Austin Window Tint install